The Starlet story begins like all good stories… Once Upon a Time…

… there lived a young woman who suspected the heavens had made a mistake in her placement on the space-time continuum. Why, she frequently pondered, was contemporary fashion so… bland? Why had all the sublime silhouettes and sensational styles been left back in the last century? Surely, she wasn’t the only one looking for good old fashioned clothing and good old fashioned service? Surely others shared in her desire to wear their sartorial heart on their sleeve; to express their inner pinup with class and style, and without having to go to the ends of the earth to find the fashions to make it happen?

The year was 2007. She looked high and low for clothes that would allow her to channel her inner vintage vixen, but the pickings were thread bare.

Occasionally, delving into flea markets and vintage fairs unearthed a real vintage gem, but her specific size and even more specific tastes meant real vintage finds came around like Christmas – a huge affair, but so frightfully rare.

Her quest took her way past the well-trodden paths of the high street, and into the unchartered depths of London’s esoteric East End, where she was enraptured to discover the holy grail that is retro-repro fashion, the then little known designers who would become her world-famous partners in sartorial exaltation for the next decade and beyond.

Nestled in curious cobbled backstreets and on London’s bustling thoroughfares, she unearthed the design genius of Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, Dancing Days, Hearts and Rose London, Collectif and more. Like a sugar-flush child in a sweetshop, ensconced in treasure troves of the most glorious retro fashions, she realised the heavens hadn't made a mistake afterall - here was retro-fashion heaven. And with that, she heard the voice of the fashion divinity speak to her those fateful words, “If you build it, they will come”.

And so, she did.

Compelled to share this inspiriting discovery with the rest of the world, she crafted her own little slice of the Internet and called it StarletVintage.co.uk, filling it to the brim with the most detectible vintage delights she could find. And come they did, flocks of fabulous vintage fashionistas, just like her, relishing these ravishing figure-flattering finds and unique retro lines from London's most sought-after vintage inspired designers.

She invited seasoned vintage-vamps to dive straight in, and urged vintage virgins to dip in a tentative toe, to sample the joys of dripping with yesteryear’s charms, daring them to channel their very own incarnations of The Femme Fatale, and to witness the edifying experience of oozing sophistication and igniting desires wherever they set foot.

Starlet-converts revelled in this plentiful supply of ultra-flattering, high quality vintage inspired clothing at such incredibly satisfying prices. These glorious creations were cut like yesteryear’s prize pieces, yet crafted from today’s advanced fabrics - a pleasure to wear, and a treat to behold.

And while they came for the fashion, they came back for the service – the kind of service that lets you know just how special you are, as you’re treated like a true Starlet. 100,000+ delighted customers and ten satisfying years later, she remains true to her vision, treating every single order with respect and reverence, packing it with loving care, and sending it out with the very best of wishes, wondering how many hearts this Starlet will break when she arms herself with her brand new retro-repro killer dress.

But this story is far from over; our happy-ever-after glimmers in perpetuity. Now that the beguiling allure of vintage style fashion has swept so many women off their Mary Janes, she is proud to have been so intimate with the evolution of this nostalgic fashion movement, and pleased to have helped so many women like herself look and feel like the visions of vintage beauty they have always deserved to be. Because she knows, and wants you to know too that…

…all the world’s a stage, and you are the Starlet.