Dancing Days Nude 1920s Dress

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Dancing Days 1920s Nude Sequined Dress

A deco dream come true, this lavish 1920s inspired dress is poised to complete your vintage look with exotic ease.

Dancing Days have infused the essence of 1920s glamour into every thread of this exquisite flapper dress. It's the kind of vintage dress that has the power to transform you into a dance floor darling, allowing you to garner admiration wherever you step.

1920s authenticity abounds in the striking cut and gorgeous sequin detail. Each and every design feature of this amazing flapper dress assures a perfect, flattering fit, as well as knock-out 1920s finesse.

The glorious sequin and beading is crafted into an intricate floral pattern, making this Dancing Days dress so thoroughly unique.

Measuring approx. 31 inches from underarm to hem, in a sheer, lined polyester fabric that's light and supple and perfect for swining the night away. The fringed hem shimmies and shimmers to create a really dramatic presence on the dance floor.

This is a dress to turn heads as it channels the opulence of the 1920s. Trust Dancing Days to transform your look with this amazing 1920s dress.