Vintage Designers

Share your love of vintage fashion with the best brands on the UK vintage reproduction scene, and let these stunning styles seduce you with their feminine charms. Just picture how you'll look wearing the latest Hell Bunny dress to the races, or a stunning Voodoo Vixen frock to your prom. Our customers take great delight in telling us how the raw talent of these brands creates a constant stream of compliments and admiration when they show off their stylish finds. And you can enjoy this effervescent feeling too: selecting and supporting your favourite British designer is the easiest way to showcase your fine taste in vintage fashion. Animate one of these amazing garments with your gorgeousness, make your mark at your event, snap that selfie and relive the love of your look on Instagram and Facebook, as you watch the compliments come rolling in. So, peruse at your leisure, and get to know these sought-after designers' signature looks, and step into a retro wonderland of vintage fashion indulgence as you choose your perfect piece.