Hell Bunny 22" Premium Petticoat

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Pump-up your hemlines with this max-impact petticoat by esteemed retro repro designer Hell Bunny!

This is the 22 inch model (according to the manufacturer). The bouncy fabric means that the skirt is 18 - 22 inches 45 - 55 cm when worn, typically falling to just above knee level when worn.

Buy this petticoat to wear with your knee length 50s dress, to create maximum volume with premium quality.

This Hell Bunny classic boasts the following essential features:

Elasticated waistband for easy fitting and a comfy fit.

The waistband is also adjustable for a perfect fit.

Light and fluffy, so easy to wear.

Multi layer tulle, with a ruffled hem to exaggerate the dramatic volume of this super-flared petticoat.

Available in a versatile range of must-have colours - making it easy to match or compliment your vintage dresses!

Hell Bunny is the British Retro-Repro brand that has always been at the forefront of vintage inspired fashion. They proudly create some of the best quality dresses on the scene, incorporating intelligent design, always holding comfort and individuality as the key components of their unique and superior branding. That's why we adore Hell Bunny, and we're certain that you will too!