Irregular Choice Grow Free Shoes

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Irregular Choice Grow Free Shoes

Treat your feet to the oh-so-boho Grow Free shoes by Irregular Choice - seriously unique shoes that are an essential addition to your treasured shoe collection.

In true designer style, Irregular choice bring only the best of British design to shoe lovers and collectors: a perfectly crafted pair of attention grabbing shoes that deliver all the whimsical charm Irregular Choice are famed for.

The Grow Free shoes are an especially exclusive offering from Irregular Choice. The upper is adorned with a rambling wild flower, while the side of the shoe brandishes the embroidered missive "Grow Free Wild Flower".

The designer detail doesn't stop there: the heel is a striking pink ombre globe, making them a prime talking point - guaranteed to spice up your every step.

Irresistible for weddings, proms, parties and for adorning the shelves of your scared shoe collection cabinet.

"Recapture your freedom which eloped with your youth" with Irregular Choice shoes.