Irregular Choice What The Duck Shoes

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Irregular Choice What the Duck Rubber Duckie Heel Shoes

Shoes to make a show-stopping statement! These truly amazing rubber duck heel shoes from Irregular Choice are the next must-have style for Irregular Choice collectors!

Treating your feet to lashings of glamour, with a dazzling aqua blue glitter upper and a pretty mermaid scalloped trim.

The heel is made of a robust rubber duck, which launches them into a realm all of their own! They're so unique - guaranteed to lap up the limelight. 

The rounded toe features a bright pearlescent pink heart to complete the look!

These whimsical wonders are lined in lavish velvet and the heel is just the right height to add height without impracticality. 

Irresistible for weddings, proms, parties and for adorning the shelves of your sacred shoe collection cabinet. 

Let the Irregular Choice What the Duck shoes add their magic to your look!