Irregular Choice White Daizy Days Wedding Shoes

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Irregular Choice Daizy Dayz Shoes

From Irregular Choice's famed wedding collection, this reinvention of this Mutiny classic is guaranteed to put a sparkle in your step.

The classic off-white hessian upper is trimmed with lace and faux flowers and complimented by the gold glitter kitten heel - amping up the glamour of this irresistible shoe.

Offering a gloriously curvy shape, with a sexy 4cm heel, and boasting a luscious printed sole - making these special shoes extraordinary in every way.

The glorious design and unique look make these shoes a total must-have for all discerning footwear fashionistas this season!

So if you're soon-to-be blushing bride, or a designer shoe aficionado, Irregular Choice's Daizy Dayz are a prime pair of vintage style shoes that are an irresistible addition to your collection.