Gothic Fantasy Fantasy Artwork Umbrella Wolf Witch Cat Unicorn

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Nemesis Now Fantasy Umbrella

Choose from this stunning selection of dark fantasy artwork umbrellas.

Totally unique designs include artwork from world famous fantasy artists including Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker.

This gothic umbrella comes folded in a matching outer sleeve. To open the umbrella, simply remove the patterned sleeve, undo the Velcro strip, hold the base of the handle with one hand and push the mechanism up the handle towards the top of the umbrella and click into place. To fold, press the button at the top of the mechanism and pull downwards to the base of the handle.

Measures  98cm wide

(Height Extended: 550mm, Width Extended: 980mm, Height Folded: 230mm, Width Folded: 50mm)

A wonderful gift for a loved one or for yourself.