Retro-Repro Fashion Guide

The Starlet Vintage 1950s Fashion Guide

While time and tide wait for no one, fashion trends of the Twentieth Century do.

Maybe it’s the romance of vintage fashion that makes it as irresistible today as it was over half a century ago. A well-curated vintage fashion ensemble has the power to conjure the zeitgeist of an era. The spirit of the 1950s is channelled through the trends of the decade - which we strive to simulate in our own vintage-inspired ensembles today. All you need is a little insight...

The difference between true vintage and vintage reproduction fashion

A true vintage gem is a wonderful find, but the pattern cutter’s specs differed greatly in the 1950s. Bust : waist : hips ratio were far more exaggerated, aided by the styles of underwear that were favoured during this period. Early shapewear saw girdles guiding waistlines, and padded bullet bras enhancing bustlines, so dress designs were called to honour this enhanced female shape. Sizes came up smaller, and arms were narrower, so while a genuine vintage dress will provide you authenticity you seek, you may need to perform a few alterations to achieve your ideal fit.

Fabric and fibre technology has seen huge developments over the past 70 years too, and modern vintage inspired clothing benefits from these advancements, with fabrics that are easier to care for as well as comfier to wear than earlier counterparts.

Nevertheless, the last century paved the way for the supremely glamorous and seductive styles that retro-repro fashion houses employ today, much to our delight.